Traditional Wedding Etiquette

Nowadays, wedding receptions can be as informal as you wish, However, many couples like to acknowledge traditional wedding etiquette. We have put together some useful information and your Wedding Adviser will be delighted to help advise on the formalities to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The Receiving Line

A formal greeting should be as follows:-

Bride's Mother
Groom's Father
Groom's Mother
Bride's Father
Best Man

Once The Meal is Announced

All the guests enter the wedding suite. Once they have been seated, the Top Table guests then follow.
The Bride & Groom are then presented. Grace may be said before the meal commences.

The Top Table

Suggested Top Table Seating Plan:-

The Cutting Of The Cake

This is announced by the Wedding Host (Hotel Duty Manager) or your ‘formal’ Master of Ceremony, occasionally someone of your choice will make a short speech. The Bride holds the knife in her right hand and the Groom places his hand over hers as they cut the first slice together. The cake is then taken away and cut into small pieces to be served with coffee. The top tier is traditionally saved for the christening of the first child.

The Toasts And Speeches

These follow the meal and would accompany the cutting and distribution of the wedding cake. The speeches are made in the following order, being announced by the Wedding Host, or your Master of Ceremonies.

The Brides Father Proposes a toast to the Bride & Groom

The Groom Replies on behalf of the Bride and Groom and thanks the parents of the Bride for providing the wedding, thanks the guests for their presents and toast the Bridesmaids.

The Best Man Replies for the Bridesmaids, may read out congratulation cards and also toasts the Brides parents

. . . and then get ready for the first dance!